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Park Urn by funygirl38
Park Urn
The sun casts dappled shadows on the new brickwork. Juckett park, Hudson Falls, NY.
“I still don't see why you gave Foster the weekend off. Don't you maybe think he should get...I don't know....acclimated to these people if he's going to be living among them?”
Stark squinted at the screen before him. Maybe it was time to give in to the modern convenience of Lasik...or maybe Pepper was right; he was simply getting old. He shook his head, swiping a graph table out of his view to sit at the far right corner of the screen.
“He'll have plenty of time to acclimate when he's there. What I don't see is the need to scare him more than he already is. We need him on board with this project. Say Simon meets Destructo who just happens to be in a bad mood rare as that may be and he has one of his panic attacks...see where I'm going with this? It'll just be that much harder with him when it's go time.”
Bruce shrugged, “I can't say as I want to be here either but here I am...”
“And I know why. Because you love it. You love seeing Loki play nice because if he doesn't he'll have to answer to his wife. You enjoy seeing him under the influence of a weapon far more powerful than anything we could dream up.”
“What would that be?”
“Yeah right,” Bruce adjusted his screen, tapping the model of a small cube which began to rotate, “I'm here because you made me an offer I'd be a fool to refuse. I'm just saying if I were Simon, I'd rather know what I was facing.”
Stark glanced up at the video feed from the tower parking garage. Still quiet.
“If there's anything I've learned from New York it's that you can't prepare for every contingency.”

Loki peered through the open door into the interior of the long black car where sat a heavyset man with curly salt and pepper hair. He was dressed in a dark blue suit. Upon the right lapel was pinned a badge which read “Stark Industries” with his picture underneath next to a bar code. He sported a pair of dark glasses that reflected the ivory rope lights lining the interior of the limousine.
“Mister Stark sends his apologies that he couldn't be here to accompany you upon the ride to the lab. He's been extremely busy lately with the new...project but he awaits your arrival most eagerly.”
“Papa,” Fen hurried forward, practically leaping into the limo to settle in to the leather seats, “If we do not hurry, we will not have time to see the city later!”
Eidra leaned into the limo nodding at the man, “Greetings, Mister Hogan. 'Tis lovely to see you again.”
“Happy, please. The pleasure is all mine.”
Eidra fixed Fen with the most serious mien she could muster, “Be sure to thank Mister Stark for allowing you to go with your father. I still believe you should come with us. If your suit fits you ill, 'twill be no fault but your own.”
“Rest assured ma'am Mister Stark's tailor is a miracle worker. His measurements will be enough,” Happy nodded to the eager young man, “Now if you'll excuse us, Mister Stark has a very strict schedule and he's a bear when we deviate from it.”
Eidra kissed her fingertips and planted them on Fen's cheek before retreating to allow Loki access.
“Have fun Papa,” Brenna waved at them before trotting off to the second limo in line behind the first where Pepper was standing at the open door talking to the chauffeur.
Before Loki could lower himself inside to take the seat beside Fen however, Eidra had his hand in hers, her lips pressed to his ear, “Please, show Fen what it is to be a true prince. Lead by example.”
Loki squeezed her hand, trying to drive the edge from his voice, “I will be on my best behavior.”
“I know you shall. We will see you at the evening meal.”
Loki watched her to Brenna's side before he at last sank into the seat beside Fen and the door shut behind him.
“The city is so noisy,” Fen stared out the window behind his head, “The horseless carriages and their horns, the people...everyone trying at once to be heard..”
“ 'Tis no different in Asgard...,” Loki muttered, “Save for the horrendous fumes which pollute the air from those metal monsters.”
Loki cast a glance toward Happy waiting for a reaction but the man sat there, hands folded in his lap, regarding them, his eyes unreadable behind dark sunglasses.
But for Fen's constant chatter, the ride would have settled into an uncomfortable silence.
“Papa, might we travel to the island with the statue of the lady upon it this time?”
“Papa, look at the man playing the fiddle just there..”
“Papa, Mama said we might go to one of the marketplaces to find a memento of our adventure..”
“So she did...”
At last Happy spoke up, “How old are you, son?”
“I am eleven seasons.....well nearly so.”
“Huh...time flies.”
Loki glared at Happy though Fen was oblivious to the caustic remark.
“I will be a man soon when I am turned twelve.”
Happy looked over the tops of his sunglasses first at Fen then at Loki, “You don't say. Twelve years old?”
“Yes,” Fen sat straighter in the seat, “After my rite of passage I will be allowed to participate in rituals with my father and the rest of the elders. I can join in the wild hunt, purifications in the sweat lodge, I may attend the High Council meetings and lend my voice to the proceedings...”
“You're pretty well spoken for a kid,” Happy grunted, “You sure you ain't twelve already?”
Fen giggled at the jibe but Loki was far from amused.
“We school our children well on Asgard, Mister Hogan! We are far from barbarous savages contrary to what you might have been led to believe.”
Happy held up his hand, “Honestly, I don't know jack about Asgard, sir. All's I am is the head of security at Stark Industries. The only thing I gotta know is how to do my job properly.”
“Indeed,” Loki spat, arms crossed in front of his chest, “And does not doing your job properly require you to know the charges you are securing?”
At this Happy gave a slow smile, “Now that's where you got me wrong, sir. I know all about you.”
The limousine took a right hand turn into a  parking garage leaving the frantic noisy city streets behind as it descended into the bowels of Stark Tower, through a gate and past a gatehouse in which stood a serious looking young man sporting a bulletproof vest over a dark blue security officer's uniform. At last the limo rolled to a stop outside a set of green elevator doors.
“Here we are,” Happy nodded as the limousine door swung open, “Home sweet home.”
“Would you like me to take your um....trunks into the bedroom ma'am?”
Eidra glanced at the closed bedroom door, “No, no. Just leave them there, thank you.”
“Alright then, enjoy your stay. Call the front desk if there's anything you need,” the valet nodded to her as he backed toward the suite door.
“Wait! Here you are. Thank you for your help,” Brenna hurried forward, pressing a few bills into his hand.
“And thank you,” he smiled, a bit broader this time, shutting the door behind him.
“You cannot forget gratuity, Mama.”
Eidra dismissed Brenna's advice with a wave of her hand, “Yes of course I shall remember. I must procure a few of your Midgardian coin .... is as if the sky has settled upon Midgard. So many lights, so many people.”
She had joined Fen at the tall windows that bordered the suite's main living area and they now stood staring out at the myriad lights of New York.
Brenna leaned her forehead against the window, straining to see the streets below, “Does Papa have to be so cross every single time he comes to Midgard?”
Eidra stepped back to regard the bedroom door once more, “You know he is out of his element here. Do not judge him harshly.”
“You too are out of your element and you behave far better than him,” Brenna drew herself  away from the chaos of the city, dropping to the large sectional which dominated the living room, “It is only for a few days, just until graduation, then we shall return home. Tony has promised to show us the town, as they say, while we are here. Does that not sound exciting?”
“It does indeed!” Fen was still glued to the window, “Every time we have come to Midgard we are left to wander that stuffy old school of yours. What shall we do first?”
“We shall sleep,” Eidra cut in, twining Fen's arm with hers, “It is night...”
“...and everyone is still awake, look!” Fen pointed out the window, “Tony said we could...”
“Oh do address him respectfully, the both of you. He is Mister Stark if you please and it matters not what he said we might do. He is not here right now, thank the gods. His presence would put your father into such a mood we might never break him from until we returned to Asgard. He will be here on the morrow,” Eidra drew Fen from the window, “ and your father has a meeting with him first thing. We have to dress shop with Miss Potts.”
“Might I go with father?”
“You may not,” Brenna crossed her legs beneath her, “On Midgard a proper suit is required for such a ceremony and we cannot fit you in absentia.”
Fen flopped face down on the couch with a loud groan, “Odin's beard!”
“Fenris! Watch your tongue!” Eidra neared the bedroom door, “Lest your father hear you an' his wrath far outstrip mine own. Now choose your rooms and settle in. I am going to try and steer your father toward calmer waters.”

Before she had chance to set foot in the bedroom Eidra was certain there would be no settling Loki for he too had been at the windows surveying the city, was still standing there in fact, with his back to the door, his arms folded, shoulders hard set.
She eased the door shut and glided to his side though she said nothing. Better to let him speak first, gauge his mood.
After a moment he gestured toward the glass, “ 'Tis deliberate.”
Horrified, she felt her bottom lip quiver, so close was she to giggling but her humor turned quickly to shame as he massaged the bridge of his nose, his eyes squeezed shut. She knew what Loki had endured during his brief insanity on Midgard from what he had told her and then only in short snippets here and there when the melancholy overtook him while in his cups late at night or after a particularly taxing day when his mind seemed to overflow.
“I do not think Mister Stark meant to upset you,” Eidra walked to the window which seemed nearly parallel with the topmost floor of Stark Tower a half mile distant.
“Did he not now? Do you not believe this view was meant to remind me of  what has been?”
She jumped as his hand smacked the glass hard beside her head, “He knows you are not what you were then. 'Tis....”
“Oh do not placate me woman!” Loki spun about, “ 'Tis an immense warning sign hanging in the sky for me to see. Could he not have placed us in another apartment? His watchdogs already patrol the hotel lobby.”
“They are not his watchdogs,” Eidra sat down on the bed, her hands reaching out for his, “They are Fury's guards and they are here for our safety. Thor said so.”
“And if my oaf of a brother said we should be welcomed with a grand fete and be given command of the city itself would you believe him then?”
His arms stayed folded at his chest and she gave a loud sigh, “Loki, the view from this bedroom is hardly the issue with which we must concern ourselves. Your daughter is graduating from school here on Midgard. We are here for her. Do not make this trip about you.”
He grunted then fell silent, taking a seat beside her on the mattress. She leaned against him, her chin on his shoulder, “Try to enjoy yourself. In the very least, pretend to do so for Brenna. She is thrilled to have you here to witness such an accomplishment...”
“An accomplishment on Midgard, bah! This realm is a fool's paradise. I would much prefer to see her a lady upon Asgard...”
“And that too shall come to pass. She promised you now let us retire for the morrow promises an early start.”
Loki only sat there, staring out the window, a scowl fixed upon his face as she rose from the bed. Squaring her shoulders, she trudged to the bedroom door and out into the living area to fetch their trunk. Before she could reach for the handle however, Loki brushed her aside, hefting the trunk by himself and carrying it into the bedroom.
“If I am to endure this realm, it will not be alone whilst you nurse a sprained back at this overblown inn,” he grumbled, setting the trunk down with a muffled thud.
Eidra hid a smile as she bent down to unlatch the lid. Loki was nothing if not a gentleman and  her presence was always the right foil for his temper. This was going to be a good trip.

“This is going to be a disaster!”
Brenna lay stomach down on the bed in the room she'd chosen, looking up at the night sky through the tall windows which dominated the walls, her phone on the coverlet beside her.
“No it's not,” came Sophie's reply, “It's going to be the best time our lives. No more homework, no more tests, no extra credit, no running laps in gym for the physically challenged. We made it.”
Brenna shrugged, “Is college not the same as high school?”
“Well no.....I mean yeah but no. It's harder, it's easier to flunk out and wind up stocking shelves in a convenience store for the rest of your life...damnit Brenna do you have to suck the joy out of everything?”
“Forgive me. I too am looking forward to finishing school but you know I have promised my father I would return home to Asgard for two seasons before I am able to begin college so for me this is   rather an extended vacation, not to mention he is here to see me graduate and you know how fractious he can be. I am, as you would say, stressed beyond words.”
“You're overthinking this. You know that...”
“Then there is Chase to worry about. What if he shows up to watch the graduation and my father sees him? The last thing I need is a confrontation between them....what was between us is just that, between us.”
“He wouldn't get within a hundred yards of you with both your parents there. He's chickenshit.”
“I would call it wise....what if he brings that wench with him?”
“Brenna, he may not even show up. Listen you want me to take the train in to town and we'll go out for a bit?”
“No, 'tis late and I doubt I would be allowed to stray far with my parents here...”
There came a soft rap on her bedroom door and Fen poked his head inside, “Can I come in?”
“I am on the phone,” Brenna hissed, “Whatever do you want?”
“I am hungry and I do not know how to call for something to eat.”
She could hear Sophie giggling, “His voice has changed already hasn't it.”
“Yes it has....Fen it is too late to call for food. You will have to wait for breakfast.”
“But I am hungry.”
Brenna sat up on the bed, “Could you not wait for me to finish my phone call? We will venture to the lobby and see if we cannot find something. A candy bar perhaps. You like those. Now go to your room so I might have some privacy!”
Scowling, Fen shut the door hard and Brenna winced, waiting for her mother to come sailing into the bedroom demanding to know what was wrong but all was silent.
“Listen I have to go anyway. It's getting late and my mother is picking me up tomorrow to go shopping too. Maybe we can meet up somewhere.”
“I shall try my very best but I think we have a set agenda tomorrow. We are with Miss Potts.”
“Alright then just tell me when you are where you are and we'll try to cross paths. Get some sleep kiddo.”
“Again, I will try.”
Brenna lay there for some time after she'd hung up with Sophie, her mind conjuring the endless disastrous possibilities an extended stay with her parents on Midgard could entail when there came a knock on her door once more, this time softer before Fen poked his head into the room once more.
“You are finished talking to your phone now. Might we find something to eat?”
Brenna sat up, “You little worm! Were you listening outside the door?”
“No..” Fen muttered, his eyes dropping to the floor, “I only heard silence.”
“Then you were listening,” Brenna stood from the bed, slipping on her flip flops, “Which is frightfully rude. I should tell Papa.”
“I swear I did not hear what you were talking about,” Fen whined, “Please do not tell Papa.”
Brenna regarded Fen. In a season and a half, he would be a man in the eyes of the Asgardian people but now he sounded every bit the young boy he was.
She waved at the bedroom door, “I shant unless I catch you doing so again then I shall tell all. Go on with you. A quick trip down to the lobby then to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a long day.”
First off I'd like to apologize for the lack of chapter updates on my story Divided. The holidays and writer's block have taken my feet out from beneath me. I've been suffering from a flare up of fibromyalgia which weakens my body and fogs my brain...what's different now, you ask? Nothing only my determination to finish what I started.  On that note I am also going to find an artist to commission for the cover of Ascension. I've been sitting on this for well over a year now and as my New Year's resolution Ascension will be on Kindle by summer....I'm also going to work to get Divided done...thank you to all of my readers still with me....I'll figure this thing out soon enough...
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